• Medical devices for blood and urine fluorescence diagnostics
  • Special lighting system for teeth whitening and other procedures
  • Alignment optics for precision steel rolling mill industries
  • Large self- calibrating color video signs
  • Precision Micro and Nano surface measuring optics
  • Feasibility analysis for  high resolution semiconductor inspection
  • Laser delivery system for heart application
  • Fluorescence lifetime detection for medical applications.
  • Feasibility and design for MRI Virtual Reality display
  • Market research for high Tech Products from Japan to USA
  • Fiber optics rotary absolute encoder
  • Reader for very small anti-counterfeiting particle identification
  • Optical systems for cancer detection using fluorescence imaging
  • Optical viewing devices for dental and other medical applications
  • Optical system for fluorescence imaging used for cancer detection
  • Virtual reality display for MRI application
  • Microscopic surface measurement

Competitive Optical Innovation

Project Examples:

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