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Project areas and clients during the past 40 years:

Curt Deckert Associates, Inc.

CDA has served a wide variety of organizations such as Abbott Labs, Diagnostic Products Corp., Polaroid, Boehringer-Mannheim Corp., Hycel, Poly-Optical Products, Moog, Energy Conversion Devices, Baxter, Allergan, Corning Glass, BD Research, Edwards Life Science, Unisys Corporation, Rockwell, Pioneer, Eaton, Device Lab, Source Scientific (BIT), Pentad Design Corp., Pioneer, C. Itoh & Co. Morgan Construction Co, Lifespex Inc, Voyage Medical, Nanovea, and many others.

Competitive Optical Innovation

  • Optics for Product Development Organizations

  • Medical Devices

  • Educational

  • Entertainment

  • Toys

  • Optical Measurement Equipment

  • Optics for Research ​Lighting Systems 

  • Special optical tooling for manufacturing